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Sahil Sandhu

"I started training with Paul when I was 16 and now I am 23 and I can say it confidently that Paul has helped me tremendously with my game. Paul's training had helped me a lot in getting in shape and staying confident. I have always been going back and fourth to Europe and whenever I need good training I can always rely on Paul because I know he wants to help me make it to the next level and I know he is willing to help any young athlete out there who is focused and really wants to make it professional."

Simmrin Dhaliwal

I learned a lot in the year being coached by Paul and it definitely helped me prepare to move up to HPL and Whitecaps. Paul is quick to pick up on a player’s strengths and weaknesses and help them develop in the areas they need improvement in. I as a player learned about the right passes and movements to make, that would help my team keep possession. This was one of the key attributes to our teams success along with Paul's dedication and determination towards his team.  Now having moved up to playing with the Whitecaps Girls Elite and Canadian National team, I know that what I had learned from Paul is what is taught at the highest level.”

Ryan Dhillon

Simon Fraser University, Whitecaps Residency, TSS Rovers PDL

"Paul has been a coach, teammate and opponent during these years, but more importantly he has been and still is a mentor and role model to me.  I was able to learn from Paul- a veteran leader and captain of team India- and what made the learning process more enjoyable was Paul’s willingness to teach and pass on his soccer knowledge. He was always giving advice and constructive feedback that would help push my game to the next level. Consequently, I was able to harness his advice and a year later was receiving a soccer scholarship to Simon Fraser University. Moreover, Paul has played at one of the highest levels, winning numerous championships at the collegiate level, which in turn has helped him develop top level training methodologies that he applies to all his training sessions. I was fortunate enough to be apart of his trainings as he was my coach for the U20 Super Y League team. I can confidently say that my game developed greatly during my time training under Paul. His emphasis on strength and speed training, complemented with professional technical drills helped strengthen numerous facets of my game. This is exactly what Paul’s training is all about: identifying a player’s weaknesses, strengthening those areas and creating a more dynamic and well-rounded football player. After my fruitful experience with the Super Y League team, I have made it a habit to train with Paul whenever I get the chance, as I know his trainings will always put myself in a position to succeed. Paul is the epitome of a professional with the endless hours he dedicates to young footballer’s development and his positive approach that he brings to the field every single day. I only wish that I had exposure to Paul’s training from a younger age because there is no doubt in my mind that it would have accelerated my development and increased my chances of playing professionally.'

Jasmine Mander

Whitecaps Residency, Canada National Program, U.B.C. Thunderbirds

"While being one of the most personable coaches I have had the pleasure of playing for and working with, Paul's professional standards and expectations are some of the best I've ever seen. His knowledge for the game is clear and evident in the way he conducts his sessions, and Paul is truly dedicated to his profession and the development of the players he works with."

Kerman Pannu

U.B.C. Thunderbirds, BC Highschool MVP

"Paul has been coaching me for man years. His personal training is some of the best training sessions I've had in my life. He focuses on each player individually and makes the training plans accordingly. My game had developed immensely once I started doing personal training with Paul and if any player is looking to take their game to the next level, Paul will definitely help you get there."

Cam Hundal

University of Victoria Vikes, CIS Nationals MVP, Whitecaps Residency

"My name is Cam Hundal. I am currently a player of the University of Victoria and Victoria Highlanders. I have known Paul for a number of yearns and have been fortunate to benefit as a player through his assistance. He has been a coach, trainer, and teammate of min and has really been a mentor for me over the years. His knowledge of the game and his ability to interact with players both individually and as a unit is tremendous and is one of the reasons why he is such a respected member of BC's soccer community. "

Manraj Bains

U.B.C. Thunderbirds, Whitecaps Residency

"I've had Paul as a coach for many years and I have always looked up to him as a player and as an individual. Paul lives and breathes the game, he is an experienced coach and he means business. Throughout the years he has helped me immensely towards achieving my goals. A factor that isolates Paul from other coaches is that he's very passionate about his job and really focuses on the player's development. Practice is where it starts and his training sessions have always been excellent. Paul is the right guy to go to when you want to reach the next level."

Jas Lally

University of Victoria Vikes, Whitecaps Residency

"I have been playing for Paul since 2008. Often times athletes move on because they can only learn so much from a single coach. However with Paul its is different as an athlete is guaranteed consistent improvement over the years. Paul has limitless knowledge of the sport from the perspective of all positions. Being a Goal Keeper, Paul has helped me reach some of the top level of soccer in the province. Paul's understanding of the physical, mental and emotional aspects of soccer allows him to turn an average player into an elite player. Paul's unselfish attitude as a coach promotes his goal of focusing on the player and helping the growth of each player on and off the field."

Duncan Grainger

University of Charleston, Queens Universtiy

"My name is Duncan Grainger; I currently play for the University of Charleston in the NCAA. I started playing with Paul Bahia in 2011. That year, I tried out for seven different teams and was very discouraged. Paul took me on and gave me the opportunity to grow both as a soccer player and a person.  Paul has very high expectations and holds the bar high for every player. That first year we won the Provincial title. I played with Paul for five seasons. Paul has changed my life in a number of ways. He is an amazing role model, fair and encouraging. I always looked forward to training with him as he always had something new to bring to the field. He is the main reason I will be playing on the #2 NCAA D2 team next year. Without his guidance, leadership and commitment to coaching, I would never have come so far. The reputation of Paul Bahia’s soccer teams is second to none. The professional atmosphere on and off the field attracts soccer players from across the Province. I am honoured to have been a part of his training career and will always value his time with me as a player."

Daimon Gill

University of British Columbia Okanagon

"I had the privilege to be coached and work with Paul. His extremely competitive and passionate approach to the game was instilled into me as a player and has allowed me to raise my game to the next level. Paul quickly identified my weakness as a player, and gave me the tools to turn my weaknesses into my strengths on the field. Paul’s coaching does not stop when the whistle blows. His emphasis on nutrition, individual training, and his mental approach to the game allow a young player to continue to progress when they are away from the field. I have been able to use these tools to separate myself and achieve my goals. Paul completely dedicates himself to the player’s development that he works with, and creates a professional environment that can allow any player to flourish under his guidance and help them achieve their personal goals."

Amir Basra

University of Fraser Valley

"I started playing for Paul in 2010 and have played or trained with him since. Paul's passion for the game and the community he lives in puts him in a league of his own when it comes to coaching. Paul having played a very high level of soccer himself is massive he understands the game and is able to connect with the players he is coaching to get the best out of them. Paul is the type of coach who will always make himself available for a player expressing the desire to improve and I would strongly recommend him to anyone wishing to reach the next level."

Aman Thind

Univeristy of British Columbia

 "My name is Aman Thind and I will be attending the University of British Columbia following my graduating year. Paul began coaching me during my u14 year and helped me develop skills both on and off of the field. It was nice to come into a welcoming environment knowing you had a coach and friend to assist you whenever you needed it. Paul pays great attention to detail and will let you know exactly what you need to work on. He provides nothing but the best training and expert advice on situational plays you could improve during game situations. I thank Paul for all of the hard work he put in with me, being one of the coaches responsible for my success with the provincial and BCSPL teams."

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